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Czech English Teacher searches Native English Teacher

Czech English Teacher for students of 50+ is searching a Native English Teacher from USA or UK for conversational lessons.
If you are 50+ and are willing to teach me in Prague no. 6, please…


Hello, I am looking for native speakers of English-speaking - woman - for 2 young children, for full-time job. You will be working at city Liberec in CR and looking for girl - 5 years old and boy 8…

Why is it Good to Learn How to Speak the Chinese Language?

Author: Farazila Abu
Nearly 1/4 of the World's Population speaks the Chinese language. The language is spoken not only in China, Taiwan, and Singapore, but it is also spoken throughout…

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About the project

Not everyone can spend the necessary time abroad to master a desired language. That's why it is necessary to know, at least, how to properly use those possibilities which are available. Our goal is not only to help our applicants find an adequate school, but also to provide contacts with native speakers outside of school.

MyTeacher.cz is also in this English version so that it will be accessible to foreigners who are unfamiliar with the Czech internet environment.


This is not the typical method of learning, but it can dramatically improve your language skills. The idea is that you will find in the database a native speaker of the language you want to learn (the target language) who wants to learn your language. You can correspond, or you can meet. You can dedicate half of your time to one language and the other half to the other language. You can also find foreigners who don't want to learn any language, but would like to go out for a coffee or beer with a "native" just for fun.


  1. You can test your knowledge in the target language.
  2. You will improve your conversational skills.
  3. You will get rid of your shyness when speaking.
  4. You will find new friends.
  5. Meeting with a foreigner is a great motivation for further work.
  6. It is FREE.


  1. You need a basic knowledge of the target language.
  2. There may be a lack of pedagogical education and qualifications on the part of both applicants.

Private teacher (teaching in the Czech Republic)

A private teacher can offer you an individual approach, professional instruction and the kind of comprehensive knowledge of their own language that only a native can. You can meet with your teacher at an agreed place, or he/she can come to your home or office. That way you will save time spent on travelling. If you find a good teacher, this method of learning is very effective.


  1. The individual approach guarantees your activity through the whole lesson.
  2. You can choose: either a native speaker or a Czech teacher who is proficient in your target language.
  3. Good knowledge of the target language, verified by language exams.
  4. If the teacher comes to your house, this is the least time consuming solution.
  5. You pay only for lessons taught.


  1. Somewhat more expensive

Language Schools (in the Czech Republic)

Thanks to the wide offering of language schools the crowded classrooms of 20 and more people are slowly becoming, fortunately, a thing of the past. With some schools you can choose a maximum number of students in the class or whether you will have a Czech teacher or a native speaker. The schools have a range of teaching materials, perhaps even computer equipment, which could be of interest to those applicants who don't otherwise have this possibility. A good language school can also systematically prepare you for any of the reputable language exams.


  1. Proficiency of teachers
  2. Guarantee of regular lessons
  3. Use of the school's teaching materials
  4. Experience in the preparation of students for language exams
  5. Less expensive than individual lessons


  1. Group lessons may be less intensive.
  2. Less time flexibility

"Job opportunities" section

Registered language schools advertise open job opportunities in this section.

We believe that this website will be useful to you and that you will find what you need here.

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